daily posts

October 25

It’s Charlotte day! Flamenco costume top! Little first aid kit for my nervous girl’s first overnight field trip next...

October 24

Dia de los Muertos jumper! Size 2. Alexander Henry cotton print/lining and black cotton lace trim…I love love love...

October 22

Sugar skull jumper! Size 2! This beautiful fabric has been in my life for a long time and it’s...

October 21

Preparations for Halloween jumpers… And a snafu–possibly reparable–on the winter white wool cape…I tussled with the lining and lost....

October 20

Vintage Pendleton wool (amazing!) skirt with white wool felt trees and birds…winter is coming! This skirts claims to be...

October 19

And one for me…thrifted Boden wool blazer with wool felt birdie. I love it when a plan comes together!

October 16

Wool felt cutouts for several skirts… I got to hang out with my sister and be crafty tonight! I...