daily posts

April 22

Shirt dress! Size 5-6. I got this shirt at Arc’s Value Village for my own self to wear, but...

April 21

Pouches! One for Charlotte’s “Emergency Kit.” (Oilcloth. 15-minute project.) Pink and mint green with nostalgia for 7th-8th grade and...

April 20

It’s Spring!! Here are the cherubs in their new clothes. Before the meal.

April 19

Little leather pouch! Leather scraps from Kelly and metal zipper from the stash. I ran into my old pal...

April 18

Boy clothes: done! Bowtie and shorts from Trèfle for Kokka. Shirt and blazer from Target (via thrift store?) This...

April 17

Easter skirt for Daughter #2! Still needs the yoke lining slip-stitched and a hem. So…close! Bambi and Thumper dec...

April 16

Almost done! Still needs a hem and maybe some more nonsense with the pleats. I will survive! Maybe Daughter...

April 15

Easter skirt for Daughter #1 in progress…pleat madness! Kokka fabric from the stash…I can’t get enough of this stuff....

April 14

Labels! Fabric labels are made with rubber stamps (custom from Office Max, $5!) and fabric marker on packaged bias...

April 13

Modern skirt with vintage garnish. Thrifted Target skirt (is it just in MN that our thrift stores get boatloads...