July 13

Leather wrap bracelet with silver ring. Copied from Pinterest. A little fashion espionage for Lauren, my pal visiting from...

May 23 (retroactive)

Braided leather bracelets. Vintage button closure (on blue) and Senegalese trade bead closure (on yellow). Cute, quick, fun!

May 9

Leather zipper pouch. For a sewing kit or other trinkets? (I needed a break from the grad dress!)

May 2

Little leather chicken pouch! For Lambie whom I shall finally see tomorrow and who has always inspired me with...

April 21

Pouches! One for Charlotte’s “Emergency Kit.” (Oilcloth. 15-minute project.) Pink and mint green with nostalgia for 7th-8th grade and...

February 6

Braided leather bracelet with vintage metal button closure, for Charlotte’s birthday tomorrow.

January 26

Ginny, rendered in leather. I wonder if a faceless, neckless Ginny (just the hair) could become iconic, like your...

January 25

Little foxy leather notebook. My friend Kelly gave me tons of discontinued leather samples from the furniture company where...