July 2

Little black skirt. Made from a t-shirt…easy as pie. 3 seams and the original t-shirt hem. The possibilities are...

May 27

Flirty knit mini! Size 12! Knit skirt with knit flowers cut from old T-shirts. Another one for the Textile...

May 22

Flower skirt! Size 8. Back at the skirts. Selling well at the Textile Center, so they’ve asked for more!...

April 25

Fun skirt for Esme! I was just going to do circles, but when I was done I couldn’t resist...

April 13

Modern skirt with vintage garnish. Thrifted Target skirt (is it just in MN that our thrift stores get boatloads...

April 10

Spring flowers on dressy denim skirt. Size 12. Cotton prints and vintage buttons. Bias tape trim. Sunshine! Available next...

April 4

Tree with birds skirt. Size 4. Birch tree prints on a linen skirt. Some of my all-time favorite prints!...

April 3

Spring flowers on a denim A-line. Traced, cut and appliqu├ęd as snow fell outside. Sigh.