March 31

More nefarious steps in our Top Secret Project. The deadline looms! Emily Blue joined me to get crafty whilst...

March 30

Clutch wallet! Vintage linens and new hardware. I got to spend part of my last day of Spring Break...

March 29

Swingy Spring skirt! I cut out hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of these flowers last year to add to an...

March 28

Extra tiny felt book! With strawberry button clasp. The simple shapes made it go a little faster (easier to...

March 27

Tiny felt book! “In my garden,” available soon at the Textile Center ! Again with the Spring dreams, though...

March 26

Work in progress…these buggers are not built in a day!

March 25

Creepy Bunny jumper, part deux. Size 4. I used a fun dish towel for the front and a cheerful...

March 23

Daisy jumper. Size 2. Cotton prints and scavenged rick-rack. This print reminds me of the flyleaf? endpapers? of one...

March 22

Blue Star jumper. Size 2. Cotton print and facing. My recent trip to Texas– to see some of The...