July 23

Patch on my favorite Road Pants. Yes, it’s true: your friend jess is hittin’ the road tomorrow for parts...

June 22

Owl jumper! Size 1. Special order for a woman I met at the Green Line launch party…good things did...

July 21

Gracie’s quilt, in progress. My friend Sara (Gracie’s mom) and I solicited squares from Gracie’s friends and relations to...

July 19

Cutting quilt squares for Gracie! We’ve got a regular bee going up at Annie’s cabin! Super fun times with...

July 18

Late-night embroidery for all the kids at Annie’s cabin! We’re making squares for Gracie’s quilt…

July 17

Pair of owl jumpers, in progress! I’m taking a class at CARLA (the Center for Applied Research on Language...

July 15

Totes done with these totes! Ahhhh. Onward! Jumpers tomorrow! Yippee!

July 13

Leather wrap bracelet with silver ring. Copied from Pinterest. A little fashion espionage for Lauren, my pal visiting from...